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New Forthcoming EP Release of "A Beautiful Thin Line" garners attention on Top 40 USA Charts

( June 16, 2010 --

Hong Kong, China, June, 16th 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ Free Press / New York. Prey Productions Ltd. (Hong Kong) in association
with SMG Inc (New Jersey) & Music Dish Inc. (New York) proudly present
Juju Chan's highly anticipated release of " A Beautiful Thin Line",
promotional E.P. This collaborative effort sees a ground breaking
production encompassing many genres and highly energetic sounds. Her
vocals are mesmerizing and feature many up and coming artists
including Blac Gene & K-Chek. The EP produced in conjunction with Prey
Productions Ltd. and Deep Cover, features a range of very catchy tunes
with variations in style and sound. The opening track, "Bringing Back
the Game",(Hip-Hop) featuring Blac Gene (from THE E.O.P) and K-Chek
sees Juju mixing it up with an awesome hook, sampled from the high
calibre Def Jam team and Jay-Z , with a piano loop from the Prez New
York. Her voice has a uniqueness and a pure resonance that adds alot
of credibility to a track like this. The second track "Cosmo Chic"
co-written between Juju Chan and K-Chek is an unbelievable
collaboration of purely versed, rhythmic hip-hop to a pop melody and
catchy beat. A very relevant song it touches on relationships in
everyday Hong Kong and broader China. Juju's vocals shine through and
her ambitious creative song writing shows real flair. Other tracks of
interest are, " Come n Chase Me" a very catchy pop tune, "Fair Share"
a very atmospheric RnB track, "Move On" a slow melodic track with
loads of emotion and harmony, and the last track is a very poppy
sounding " Taking it 2 Tha Bank". Juju manages to cross a distinct
vocal onto a broader International track production sound to create
something of a glamorous ride on the EP.

With lyrics that exude pure emotionality and contextual relevance to
topics in society, " A Thin Beautiful Line" will reveal the clear
definition and fine line between pleasure and pain. This is a
production that is sure to lift the standards of music in this region,
and to appeal and crossover to a larger International audience.
Several of the tracks will feature in upcoming media campaigns and
currently are being shopped by interested parties in the USA, Europe,
Australia and also Singapore. Juju has taken the game to a whole new
level, and set a standard that's definitely going to change the sound
of music in Hong Kong. If you are a fan of Real Music that blends all
the genres mentioned , then you need to get your EP today!!!

The official launch of the E.P, " A beautiful Thin Line" will be in
July, and will be available for sale on I-Tunes, Zune, Amazon, Last
Fm, and also Emusic and Rhapsody, as well as at all good
record stores in Hong Kong and abroad. Get your copy today either
online or at your nearest HMV store, and find out why Juju Chan is an
artist to respect. Her intensity and willingness to push the envelope
and pioneer new sounds with a true musical direction, is a huge breath
of fresh air for the whole Industry.

Through our partners above the music we will also be distributing and
marketing from New York, via Music network and into China.
Alot of the music will also feature on China Music Dish's podcast
into, as a source of instant distribution. For more information about
this project please contact and marketing opportunities and more:

Contact us here...

For more information, please contact:
Prey Productions Inc, Tower 1, 18 HArcourt Road,Suite 21E, 21st Floor.
Sean Able Founder/Editor
Me (+852) 97419341
Office:(+852) 21571997

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